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Frequently Asked Questions


Is a table provided?

Yes, one table is available and is included within your fee.

Are chairs provided?

Yes, a chair is provided to you at no extra charge.

How many tickets to the conference are provided for vendor space?

One, additional persons need to register to be an attendee.

May I bring my own banner?

Yes, you may provide and hang your own banner.

Will a tablecloth be provided for me?

Yes, a table skirt is provided for you.

What size of space will I have to set up my products?

The spaces will be approximately 10x10 and have an 8 foot table provided.

May I sell items with appliques already on them?

No, because of the nature of this conference no appliqued items may be sold.

May I sell digitized designs?

No, because of the nature of this conference no digitized designs may be sold.

May I have power at my table/booth?

Yes, you may go to the BJCC website and request power and/or wifi. The BJCC charges apply.

Is lunch provided?

One lunch will be provided.


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